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With the directors Greg Tiernan and by Conrad Vernon The Addams Family 2 now playing in select theaters and available on demand, I recently spoke to Bill hader about the voice of Cyrus Strange in the animated sequel. During the fun interview, he talks about having to record under his duvet in his bedroom, how he finds a character’s voice, how The Addams Family He gets away with a lot of ghoulish humor, and what he’d like people to watch first if they haven’t seen anything of what he’s done. In addition, with Hader hard at work on Barry Season 3 and 4, he talks about what fans can expect, how many episodes he’s directing, how the scripts evolve, and when he could make his debut as a feature film director. .

In The Addams Family 2, Morticia (expressed by Charlize theron), Gomez (expressed by Oscar isaac), Wednesday (expressed by Chloë Grace Moretz), Pugsley (expressed by Javon “I want” Walton), Uncle Fester (voiced by Nick kroll), and the rest of the creepy crew go on a family vacation to reunite with their family bond. As you can imagine, things are not going as planned. The film also features the voices of Bette Midler, Snoop dogg, and Wallace shawn.

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COLLIDER: First of all, I really hope you and the family and everyone are healthy and happy during this insane time.

BILL HADER: You too.

If someone hasn’t seen anything you’ve done, what do you want them to see first?

HADER: I don’t know. It’s terrifying. I do not know. You know what i like Barry obviously that or a movie that I called The skeleton twins.

When do you really expect to make your debut as a feature film director?

HADER: I would like to do it soon. I wrote a few feature scripts and tried to achieve this, but would love to create a feature. That has always been the goal. It’s definitely something I think about and work on.


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I need you to do this. Just friend to friend.

HADER: If you look Barry, I mean, the show is kind of like, I hope you can see the whole season as one big movie, and then whenever it ends you can watch it all as one giant movie. I think it’s just the way my brain works.

Jump in Addam’s family, one of the things that always surprises me, with Addam’s familyEven the animated movies are the amount of dark stuff they get away with in this PG-13 movie, the movie opens with Wednesday extracting a character’s brain fluid and everyone is thinking , Yes, no problem.

HADER: Yeah, well, that’s just the tone of the show. I mean, it’s kind of like that, just from the Charles Adams comic book, then the show and everything. It’s kind of the tone that’s really macabre. That was what was pretty interesting to see those reruns when I was a kid of this show doing… just the thought of looking like a disembodied hand is a little scary and it didn’t matter. It was kind of a new tone that the Addams Family introduced.

You’ve done so many vocals for animated movies now, and you’re so good at doing vocals, what’s it like now when you come in to record for Addam’s family, do the directors say what you want to do? What is this relationship now?

HADER: No, in a way it’s because I think I’ve done so much. It’s kind of like, at least in my experience, that’s sort of who the character is and we’re trying to be very specific that this guy was some kind of crazy scientist. So that’s just to be precise and this is Wednesday’s mentor. So that’s what this person would be like and trying to hit a very specific type of movie archetype. You know what I mean? So it’s still fun.

Addams Family2

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When you prepare to play this role, how long before you get to the booth do you find that voice? What is that dynamic for you right now looking for a voice?

HADER: A lot of the work is just working with the director. Conrad with whom I had already worked Sausage festival. So it was kind of one thing to show off, they show you pictures. This one was actually done during the pandemic so everything was like that, it was over Zoom. I recorded all of this mainly under my duvet in my bedroom. So they gave me a kit and I got everything set up, then I hold a quilt over me to get a clean recording in my room, then I talk into a microphone and read the script on my phone.

I spoke to people who were recording in their closets.

HADER: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Go into your closet and everything. Mine has like wooden floors. So I had to go to a room that had carpet.

As you may or may not know, we’re kind of fans of Barry at the collider. Type of.

HADER: Oh yeah, no, yeah, no, that’s really cool.

I have to ask you, how was the shooting of season three? What can you tease people about this?

HADER: It’s going very well. I mean, we have a month of filming left. Everyone has been wonderful. I don’t know if I could really tease anything because there is so much going on. We’ve had people come and shoot stuff that’s been in other seasons and yesterday they actually came and they’ve got that kind of cameo this season. And I showed them a pic from the first episode and they were shocked and they went, whoa, what? I was like, yeah. So that was a funny reaction, so I’m interested to see what people think about it.

Bill Hader as Barry Berkman in Barry

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How many episodes do you direct?

HADER: I run five. I direct five and Alec Berg conduct three.

It’s eight episodes for the season.


I know you wrote all of season four during the pandemic. How did the writing of season four impact season three in terms of needing to tweak this to make it all work?

HADER: 100%. Yes. One hundred percent. That’s what happened. We mapped out season four and then went back and started preparing stuff in season three that could be in season four and it was really helpful. It was kind of like a great way to, I mean season three, we ended up completely overhauling a lot of elements because we had written four of them. So it was good.

Barry Bill Hader and Sarah Goldberg

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I must stop there. I’m just gonna say, man, you know how excited we are for Barry and I only wish you the best.

HADER: Nice to see you, man. And thanks guys for Barry’s great love for the show at Collider. It’s in the editing room. It’s me and Alec, Aida Rogers our producer, everyone will be like, see what Collider said? So thanks guys.

Best of all, I’m glad we didn’t jump on the bandwagon like it once was a success, you know what I mean?

HADER: You’re in it from the start. So it was really cool.

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