Beyerdynamic launches new series of headphones and microphones


Beyerdynamic launches new series of on-ear headphones and studio microphones

Well-known German audio equipment manufacturer Beyerdynamic has launched its new “X” series of headphones and microphones. The new products introduced in the series are the DT 700 Pro X (closed back), DT 900 Pro X (open back) headphones and a pair of studio microphones namely M70 Pro X, M90 Pro X, aimed at content creators. Here is an in-depth review of the equipment below.


This new line of German-designed Pro X-series audio accessories is built with high-end manufacturing equipment and manual assembly at Beyer’s own factory in Germany. Their membranes feature a completely new design with low weight and high rigidity. Their voice coils, on the other hand, use a copper alloy, which weighs about 40% less than pure copper with high electrical conductivity. This along with the powerful neodymium driver gives improved transient response and high sensitivity, therefore suitable for professional and consumer devices.

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Technical specifications

M70 Pro X

  • Type: dynamic end address model designed for speech
  • Response frequency:50 Hz-18 kHz
  • Pattern: cardioid polar pattern
  • Sensitivity:1.8 mV / Pa
  • Ideal for: streamers, podcasters, vloggers

Beyer dynamic microphone

M90 Pro X

  • Type: cardioid microphone with side address
  • Response frequency:20Hz-20kHz
  • SPL: up to 133dB A-weighted (at 1kHz)
  • Accessories: shockproof support, gooseneck pop filter (beware of low parasitic frequencies)

Beyer dynamic microphone

DT 700 Pro X & DT 900 Pro X

The DT 700 Pro X is a closed helmet and the DT 900 Pro X is an open helmet:

  • Response frequency:5Hz-40kHz
  • Impedance:48Ω.
  • [email protected]1kHz:0.04 percent, for one 1mW grab.
  • Length: the two new headphones will come with 1.8 m and 3m cables, each terminating with a mini-XLR jack (for headphones) at one end
  • Plating: gold-plated mini-jack (small to large adapters are also provided)

DT 700 Pro X

Beyerdynamic headphones

DT 900 Pro X

Beyerdynamic headphones


The M70 Pro X the dynamic microphone is priced at € 249, while the M90 Pro X carries a price of € 299. The DT 700 Pro X and DT 900 Pro X are priced slightly higher than Beyerdynamic’s established DT 770 Pros, at € 249 a piece.

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Image: Beyerdynamics

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