Best noise canceling software 2022

It’s a busy world, but the best noise canceling software can help cut out unwanted decibels during your next audio recording session. And while some bonuses laptop as the Dell Precision 5470 comes with exceptional noise cancellation built right into the laptop, city dwellers like me will no doubt appreciate dedicated software to digitally drown out the daily din of barking dogs, rush hour traffic and construction nearby.

When paired with one of best usb microphones (not to mention one of best video editing laptops), your next recording is about to be perfect. Read on to find the best audio editing app to suit your budget, lifestyle, and creative workspace.

What kind of noise canceling software do you need?

Whether you’re a full-time transcriptionist, a part-time musician, or a freelance journalist, everyone has different needs when it comes to noise cancellation software. For example, if high-resolution work calls on Skype are part of your weekly hustle, why not stand out from the crowd with above-average verbal clarity with apps like Krisp and NoiseGator? (Good people will notice, believe me.)

However, professional recording artists may want a dedicated recording platform like Audacity or Adobe Audition to tweak other sound effects as they go, while online services like Lalal.AI Voice Cleaner do all the heavy lifting – for a price.

The best noise canceling software around


Audacity (Image credit: TJ Fink)

1. Audacity

Best Cross-Platform Noise Cancellation Software

Reasons to buy


Easy to use


Open source, free download


Comprehensive user forums

Reasons to avoid

A bit unintuitive for neophytes

Musicians, voice-over artists, actors, and content creators of all types will find a lot to like in Audacity, and the price is right. This cross-platform recording software can capture live audio through a microphone or mixer, or digitize files from other media. The device’s toolbar is relatively easy to navigate, and frequency level meters allow you to monitor volume before, during, and after a given recording. But that’s not all this app can do.

Behold: Audacity is excellent noise reduction (located in the Effects tab) allows you to reduce annoying buzz, hiss, whine, buzz and hiss (such as tape hiss or fan noise). While this software isn’t intended to remove individual clicks, pops, or other irregular noises, it’s a solid option for those who constantly experience unwanted interruptions in the background. (There is even a Notch Filter to help eliminate high-pitched sounds.)

If you’re new to audio recording, getting used to Audacity’s full feature set might take some time, but there are plenty of helpful wikis and user forums to help you out if you get stuck. The more familiar you become with the platform, the more intuitive it becomes. And don’t worry: the learning curve isn’t as daunting as you might expect.

Krisp ai

(Image credit: future)

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2. Krisp

Best noise canceling app for remote workers

Reasons to buy


Intuitive interface


AI-powered noise cancellation


Compatible with Windows and Mac

Reasons to avoid

Unlimited use requires subscription

Working from home is the new normal, and for anyone who regularly uses video conferencing software, Krisp is the best noise canceling app for AI-powered noise filtration — on both ends of the call.

TIME named Krisp one of best inventions of the year in 2020, and it’s still one of the easiest ways to eliminate crying babies, restless pets or unwanted street noise; it is also compatible with more than 800 communication and streaming applications, which is not to be overlooked. (Although if you did sneeze, the software’s AI can block out the loudest sniffles.) In a digital punch, Krisp’s two-way noise cancellation eliminates background hum from your laptop’s microphone and speaker, giving you – as well as those you speak to – a crystal clear, distraction-free experience. Plus, with Krisp’s dynamic echo cancellation, you never have to worry about runaway acoustics.

The free version includes 60 minutes a day of HD-quality noise, voice, and echo cancellation, but the splurges for the Pro ($8/month) or Business ($10/month) subscription come with extras. unlimited use. Conclusion: If video chats are part of your daily life, Krisp might be the digital earmuff you never thought you needed.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition (Image credit: TJ Fink)

(opens in a new tab)

3. Adobe Audition

Best Noise Canceling Software for Professionals

Reasons to buy


Complete digital audio editing


Includes 100 GB of cloud storage


Refined interface


Step by step tutorials

When it comes to noise cancellation software, Adobe Audition is often overlooked, but no matter what type of project you’re working on, this all-inclusive audio processing platform is downright ideal for professional musicians, podcasters , YouTubers, TikTokers and anyone else. who depends on mobile technology to turn their finished product into a real work of art, without unnecessary background noise. This all-in-one audio editing software includes multitrack, waveform and spectral display for creating, mixing, editing and restoring audio content. The final result ? Crisp, clear recordings with best-in-class sound.

If crisp, clear sound is a constant concern for your creations, you’ll certainly appreciate Adobe Audition’s ability to maintain and/or tweak variable frequencies to suit your mood. The handy automatic click suppressor is there to fix crackling wireless mics, while adaptive noise reduction and DeHummer effects eliminate any unwanted wind, hiss or buzz.

You’ll have to shell out $31.49 per month (or $20.99 per month with an annual commitment; $239.88 per year prepaid) for Adobe Audition, but that includes 100GB of cloud storage, step-by-step tutorials and access to Adobe Express. , Wallet and Fonts. If audio recording is part of your career, the cost of entry might be worth the investment.


NoiseGator (Image credit: TJ Fink)

4. NoiseGator (Noise Gate)

Best Noise Canceling Software for Skype and VOIP Calls

Reasons to buy




Light application


Compatible with Mac and Windows

Reasons to avoid

Requires virtual wire for VOIP calls

Designed specifically to improve the audio quality of Skype calls, NoiseGator (also known as Noise Gate) analyzes incoming audio and passes it through an advanced filter to ensure you get all the fancy frequencies you want. , and none that you don’t like. For example, if you’re on a Skype call and no one is talking, NoiseGator is smart enough to automatically mute any background noise, which is great for anyone working from home with kids within arm’s reach or underfoot.

Whether you need it for live gaming or video conferencing on the go, NoiseGator analyzes incoming audio signals in real time; if the average frequency levels reach a certain threshold, the audio normally bypasses between the input (mic) and the output (speakers). If frequencies drop below this threshold, the noise gate closes and the sound is muted.

The software can be a bit rough around the edges at times, according to some user reviews, but overall it’s a simple to use, totally free, and totally effective productivity tool.

Lala.AI voice cleaner

Lala.AI voice cleaner (Image credit: TJ Fink)

5. Lala.AI Voice Cleaner

The best noise cancellation software to “fix in post”

Reasons to buy


Simple to use death


Impressive results


No software to download

Reasons to avoid

Subscription required for best features

“We’ll just fix it in post” is a dreaded phrase for any audio or video editor, but thanks to the futuristic finesse of AI-powered software, it’s never been easier to remove the unwanted populace on the backend. . And whether you’re a full-time journalist, a part-time gamer, a professional transcriptionist, or a jet-set musician, sometimes you just don’t feel like editing audio files yourself. And who could blame you?

This is where Voice Cleaner comes in. Unlike other noise cancellation options on this list, Lalal.AI’s next-gen voice canceller is web-based, with no software to download. You just need to upload your file to the website and Lalal.AI’s unique algorithms do all the hard work.

Lalal.AI offers standard and high volume audio processing packages. The starter pack is free, but you only get 10 minutes of voice cleaning for files up to 50MB; the Lite Pack ($15 for 90 minutes) and Plus Pack ($50 for 300 minutes) give you a bit more leeway with 2GB download limits, and there are a few high-volume plans to accommodate businesses from all sizes. For example, the $300 Enterprise package includes 5,000 minutes of processing for files up to 2 GB. If you have the budget, recording crystal-clear audio has never been easier.

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