Automation of fast food orders at the drive-in

Vistry’s automated drive-thru order-taking platform improves the speed and quality of fast food ordering service

Vistry has unveiled a new voice robot to automate order fulfillment in drive-thru restaurants by applying voice recognition and conversational AI to the voice of the customer.

The company’s automated order-taking platform can recognize what a customer is saying and compare their order to the restaurant’s menu text. The device includes built-in sensors to limit background noise at the drive-thru as well as a digital menu board that provides real-time feedback and personalized meal suggestions.

The platform helps speed order taking and improve quality of service, while integrating with Vistry’s cloud-to-edge platform to drive IoT analytics for kitchen managers. The product is designed to be cost effective when scaled across multiple restaurants and its architecture uses NVIDIA’s cutting-edge Jetson AI platform alongside other NVIDIA hardware and software.

Azita Martin, vice president of retail and quick service retail at NVIDIA, said advanced AI will appeal to fast food outlets that have struggled due to labor shortages. work and the coronavirus pandemic.

“The pandemic and labor shortages have created many challenges for quick-service restaurants to deliver fast, quality service to customers,” Martin said. “NVIDIA’s AI Platform enables software companies like Vistry to deliver AI capabilities that dramatically improve drive-thru efficiency and restaurant operations.”

Meanwhile, Vistry Founder and CEO Atif Kureishy says the drive-thru dining space is ripe for innovation as the pace of change so far has been slow compared to others. industries.

“Now, artificial intelligence is giving quick service restaurants new ways to interact with their customers in the drive-thru,” Kureishy said. “Our AOT solution offers full integration with brands, including menu understanding as well as personalized recommendations to engage the guest through NVIDIA Riva.”

To counter issues with menu grammar and different language from restaurant to restaurant, Vistry developers have refined the conversational AI in the AOT solution, however, restaurants can also reduce the level of automation to affect human workers to solve technical problems.

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