Autistic man finds his voice with a hidden talent

AMSTERDAM, NY (NEWS10) — Zachary Gabriel discovered an unusual talent that turned into a passion. It’s about using your voice, but not to sing. Instead, he found a way to use it to do voiceovers. Zach discovered he could do character voices, serious voices, basically all kinds of voices, in 2015. He was inspired by watching his favorite characters, including Scooby-Doo and Batman.

Instead of recreating characters, he is determined to create his own. He spent many, many hours developing his skills. As a young man on the spectrum, finding a place he felt comfortable working was difficult.

When he started at Pine Ridge Industries, everything changed. Pine Ridge Industries, part of Schenectady ARC, employs people of all abilities and skill levels to work in manufacturing. Before Pine Ridge, the stress of trying to connect with customers was always difficult.

“I can understand the words, but the problem is that I can’t understand the sentence. (My brain) It’s like a puzzle, a Rubik’s Cube, I’m trying to solve the words and it’s really hard for me to figure it out,” he said.

Everything changed at Pine Ridge when he started working on the RAD Soap account. He loves the smell of space, but more importantly, he has the tools to succeed in a workplace. It was here that his employers discovered his passion for dubbing. Russell Gorman, Zach’s employment specialist, recognized that he not only had talent, but a real passion in this area and began to help him develop what he was already doing.

“Once I got to know Zack, he asked me to listen to his demo tape. As I listened to it, I realized that his vocals were as good or better than the vocals I was hearing back home. local radio station. Plus it was original characters and not imitations of other people’s characters, which made it much more marketable,” Russell said.

Once a month, Zack goes to a recording studio where he makes demos. He aims to one day book a paid gig for the dub, but until that happens, he says he’s happy. The ability to wake up and go to a job where he can be himself means more than you can ever know, he says.

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