Audio recordings detailing how Miss SA 2022 boyfriend Thulani Ndzotyana and Blue Bulls rugby star Khwezi Mafu raped a 15-year-old girl in KwaMagxaki, Port Elizabeth, RESURFACES

Reports reaching Kossyderrickent say a voice note detailing how Blue Bulls rugby star Khwezi Mafu allegedly raped a 15-year-old girl in 2017 in KwaMagxaki, Port Elizabeth has surfaced.

A rape case against Blue Bulls contract player Khwezi Mafu was officially dropped on Tuesday but the allegations have cost his rugby career dearly.

Magistrate Kenny Cooney told Mafu, 20, he was free to go after the state struck the case out of court.

Prosecutor Kenny van Biljon had told the Port Elizabeth Regional Court that he had been unable to locate a key state witness, whom he had to consult, and therefore could not prosecute the case at this stage.

But while Mafu walked out of court a free man, the state continues to hold the reins and may return the case to court later.

However, until that moment – ​​if it ever happens – the case continues to hover over the heads of the young plaintiff and the defendant.

Mafu’s lawyer, Danie Gouws, felt his client had been treated unfairly from the start.

Gouws said that at the age of just 19 and with no criminal record, Mafu was forced to spend two months in detention in North End prison before eventually being released on a R10,000 bail.

Mafu was alleged to have raped an 18-year-old woman after a social gathering at a Central apartment in December 2017.

The rugby player argued the sex was consensual and the young woman, who is believed to have been drinking and smoking dagga at the time, falsely accused him of rape as she stole his wallet and mobile phone.

Gouws said that after the allegations came to light, Mafu’s contract at the Blue Bulls was affected in that his salary was cut in half.

“He could not be considered for the Blue Bulls Super Rugby team and following the allegations he also missed the U20 Rugby World Championships in France where he would most likely have been selected as captain.”

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According to reports, it was reported that Khwezi Mafu raped a 15-year-old girl in late 2017. Kanyisa said in her Facebook post that Thulani Ndzotyana supported her boyfriend and even the victim shamed the 15-year-old girl. years.

Now Thulani Ndzotyana is vying for the crown in the Miss SA 2022 pageant.

Kanyisa Ludwaba wrote:

“Oh and ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s not forget that the same female spokesperson Thulani Ndzotyana, who I might add aspires to become the first black female president, is the girlfriend of a rapist, Khwezi Mafu, had only harsh words to say face to this very sensitive event.

“The same Thulani Ndzotyana was making a joke about it all and taking videos and laughing while her boyfriend was handcuffed and the victim was covered in bruises…”

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