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Anthony Jones is a registered member of the Port Gamble S’Klallam tribe of Washington and an intellectual property attorney. Partner at Perkins Coie, his practice focuses on patent matters, including litigation and portfolio advice, involving complex technologies such as telecommunications, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrency. and blockchain, and software technologies.

Anthony’s journey to the practice of intellectual property law includes a variety of legal backgrounds. He has served as in-house counsel for the Tulalip Tribes, focusing on tribal governance, economic development and litigation in tribal courts. He has also served as an Appeals Judge and Interim Judge for the Northwest Intertribal Justice System and Interim Examiner (Intern) for the City of Seattle Hearing Examiner’s Office. In 2021, he was named one of 20 Laureates Under 40 by Kitsap Leadership. He is currently President of the Northwest Indian Bar Association.

An avid handyman since his childhood, Anthony first set his sights on a career as an engineer and therefore applied and was accepted to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from which he obtained a BS, Engineering. But when he realized that a career in engineering would not provide an outlet for his interpersonal skills, he changed his tactics and embarked on a career in law. Then Anthony made another small course correction to fully embrace both his engineering background and his legal background by passing the patent bar exam after studying on his own.

Anthony grew up steeped in the traditions, culture, art and living history of his tribe. From an early age, he took part in tribal trips with his grandfather, strengthening his capacity for perseverance, determination and success. In this episode, Anthony explains how growing up on the reserve instilled a strong sense of self in him and allowed him to pursue his dreams – without limits.

  • From growing up on a reserve to culture shock at MIT (3:24)
  • To be in a place where you are one of a handful of people like you (5:31)
  • Dealing with implicit biases from an early age (6:53)
  • A pioneering experience to become a lawyer (7:55)
  • Stretch your wings and take on new challenges (10:51)
  • Dealing with impostor syndrome and gaining a sense of belonging (12:45)
  • Living history (14:16)
  • Finding the Perfect Way to Combine Soft Skills with Engineering Expertise (17:20)
  • Finding a Community at Law School (19:37)
  • The Value of a Strong Foundation in Tribal Culture (22:53)
  • Tribal trips that develop a strong sense of self and the ability to persevere (24:38)
  • Art as a way to keep Native American traditions alive and pass them on to future generations (30:28)
  • Walking in Two Worlds: Native American Cultural Traditions vs BigLaw (34:45)
  • The shocking paucity of lawyers in general – and intellectual property lawyers in particular – of Native American descent (37:05)
  • Use your status as the first or only person in a situation to set an example for others (39:49)

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