America has no specific timetable for recognizing the Taliban (US special envoy to Afghanistan)

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West said on Saturday that America had no specific timetable for recognizing the interim government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA). He also said the Taliban should take corrective action before the normalization of relations between the United States and the IEA, The Khaama Press reported.

Respect for human and women’s rights, freedom of expression, education for women, and the formalization of minority rights in Afghanistan are the United States’ prerequisites for the Taliban. Meanwhile, the special representative said the United States would pay the salaries of Afghan teachers in conjunction with the International Society in the event the Taliban reopens schools, The Khaam Press reported.

On Afghanistan’s frozen assets, Thomas West said part of the nearly $10 billion will be paid to 9/11 victims as a ransom, but added that a final decision has yet to be made. socket. He added that some of the money will be released for humanitarian purposes in Afghanistan but reiterated that it will not be given to the Taliban, The Khaama Press reported.

Following the Taliban takeover in mid-August, the United States froze nearly $10 billion in Afghan assets and imposed sanctions on the Islamic emirate. Meanwhile, the halt in foreign aid to Afghanistan has crippled Afghanistan’s already fragile economic system and harmed the lives of millions of people.

Afghanistan is facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis and needs immediate financial assistance which is coping with acute hunger combined with severe drought and the coronavirus pandemic. (ANI)

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