AG releases video and audio in death of Edison Man, 55, hit by police car on Highway 18


Authorities released a grainy, tilted video on Thursday of a 55-year-old Edison man who was struck and killed by a police car as he was walking on a dark 18 road last month.

What also remained unclear was why Julius Filep was heading towards oncoming traffic in the northbound lanes of the highway in eastern Brunswick shortly after 3:30 a.m. on August 1.

A police officer in Eastern Brunswick was reacting to another crash when his police car struck Filep outside the AAA Insurance Center, New Jersey Acting Attorney General Andrew J. Bruck said.

Filep was pronounced dead at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at 4:13 a.m., the attorney general said.

The video shows Filep apparently exiting a stopped vehicle and driving up the dark freeway before being struck.

CLICK HERE for the recordings.

State law and its own guidelines require Bruck’s office to investigate deaths that occur “in an encounter with a law enforcement officer acting in his or her official capacity or while the deceased is in custody. “, did he declare.

The guidelines ensure that the investigation is conducted “in a full, impartial and transparent manner”.

Once the investigation is complete, the results will be presented to a grand jury – usually comprised of 16 to 23 citizens – who will determine whether or not criminal charges are in order.

As part of that process, Bruck’s office released the single video and a group of audio recordings on Thursday after sharing them with Filep’s family and their attorney, the attorney general said.

The investigation was continuing, Bruck said.

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