7 kids headphones to do your little ones’ ears a favor

Headphones for children are must-have technology. They are made for small ears, in terms of shape, weight and size, as well as volume controls. Loud noises can cause irreversible hearing loss in youngsters, leading to permanent hearing loss, so you may want to choose comfortable headphones for your youngster, with well-padded cups and secure headbands. Most are adjustable in size, allowing your child to grow with them. Many fold up and come with carrying cases or bags, making them convenient to take with you on the go.

Many headphones are wireless, which is convenient because you don’t have to manage multiple devices with different ports, and kids don’t need to be near the device to listen to the material. However, this means that they need to be charged regularly and features such as noise cancellation will reduce battery life. Look for headphones with built-in microphones if you want your child to use their headphones for school work, zooms, teams, etc. In most cases, the microphones will be built inside the cups. This is also useful if they are on the phone and have their headphones on.

From thousands of options, we’ve narrowed it down to the 7 best headphones for kids so you can do your child a favor and give them the best headphones for watching movies, listening to music, and doing school work.

Source: Puro Sound Labs/Amazon

The BT2200s are designed to be child-friendly headphones. It is designed to protect young listeners’ eardrums from injury. Its balanced Puro response curve gives your kids or teens the most authentic studio sound possible with clear, crisp vocals and full dynamic bass, all while remaining below 85 decibels.

It has a fully passive design that reduces ambient noise by 82%. One-touch Bluetooth pairing with iPhone, Android, and other compatible devices makes listening simple, and the 30-foot range gives you freedom to move. The wireless mode avoids any risk of entanglement of the audio cables. You also get 20 hours of music playback and 200 hours of standby time. The BT2200 from Puro Sound Labs are the ideal noise isolating and safest lightweight headphones.

7 kids headphones to do your little ones' ears a favor
Source: Puro Sound Labs/Amazon

Puro Quiet’s ANC switch cuts out the rest of the world so kids can hear clearly in a noisy environment without having to turn up the volume above safe levels. These headphones reduce ambient and background noise by up to 22 decibels, with 78% sound isolation.

Intelligent digital signal processing limits the volume invisibly, so listeners won’t be aware. You can play without ANC for up to 35 hours and on standby for up to 200 hours. The PuroQuiet can withstand all day use and is durable enough no matter what. With the supplied volume-limiting audio cable, you can quickly charge the lithium-ion battery or switch to wired use.

7 kids headphones to do your little ones' ears a favor
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JBuddies on-ear headphones were created with kids in mind, so they fit comfortably and won’t fall out. For all ages, the over-ear design with comfortable eco-leather cushions and padded headband provides all-day comfort. JBuddies include built-in volume controllers to ensure kids never rock louder than 85 decibels.

Its 90 degree headphone jack is compatible with a wide range of gadgets and cases. The small adjustable headband is suitable for children from 6 to 16 years old. Plush circular cups fit precisely in your ears and provide a comfortable listening experience you can wear all day, while pinch-free hinges keep your child’s fingers secure.

7 kids headphones to do your little ones' ears a favor
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BuddyPhones is one of the most practical children’s headphones in terms of design and functions. They have built-in volume limiting circuitry to protect children’s hearing. It produces sound at a volume of up to 85 decibels, ensuring your children’s hearing is protected.

It is made from materials that are certified safe, hypoallergenic, durable and custom-made to be comfortable for children to wear. It gives little adventurers the added comfort and convenience of being able to listen to anything on the road. It has a built-in Safe Audio volume control that protects children’s hearing. It contains a microphone, call/play button and our BuddyJack audio splitter, plus a detachable cord to prevent snags.

7 kids headphones to do your little ones' ears a favor
Source: Puro Sound Labs/Amazon

The JuniorJams headphones for kids have a range of 30 feet and are equipped with Bluetooth v4.0 wireless technology. However, since the lithium-ion battery lasts for 22 hours, you won’t have to worry about recharging it frequently. These headphones for teens and kids stay comfortable song after song, no matter how long you use them.

The ear cups and headband are covered in luxurious vegan leather, while the sturdy yet lightweight plastic frame is flexible and adjusts to fit. They also deliver crystal-clear sound, much like all other Puro Sound headphones, thanks to Puro’s unique Balanced Response Curve sound optimization technology, which isolates 87% of ambient noise.

7 kids headphones to do your little ones' ears a favor
Source: noot products/Amazon

The soft padded cushions of the noot-over-ear headphones have a pleasant tactile feel. For ages 3 and up, there’s an adjustable headband for a precise fit and a lightweight construction that offers a collapsible design for compact and convenient storage with ease.

The cord is a nylon braided cable with a length of 5 feet. These headphones don’t include a microphone, remote, or volume control, but you can still speak into the device’s microphone. However, all smartphones, Chromebooks, iPads, tablets, PCs, laptops and other devices with a 3.5mm audio jack are compatible with noot headphones.

7 kids headphones to do your little ones' ears a favor
Source: Riwbox/Amazon

With the cat ear which comes with red/blue/green LEDs which can flash and change colors with the rhythm, Riwbox CT-7S mixes the aspects of music, lights and color. With the light-up cartoon Riwbox Cat on the side, you can take a break and show everyone how happy you are.

A powerful 40mm speaker with Bluetooth 5.0 technology that meets your needs for high quality natural sound and powerful bass while remaining portable. When using Bluetooth mode, switches are located on both sides of the headphones, allowing you to easily control: next song, previous song and volume control. Even if your headset battery is dead, the Riwbox D1 braided audio cable can still be used.

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