Monthly Archives: September 2017

Food for thought: deep-fried pork brains

Bill Walker, chef at the Kennison, has nothing against offal. He’s even open to brains as long as they’re fresh. But when Stephen Hasson of Ugo’s challenged Walker to create a dish with Rose Pork Brain in Milk Gravy, Walker struggled with fact that the product comes in a can. …

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Banned Books Week gets entertaining

click to enlarge What are you doing for Banned Books Week this year? It’s not like you don’t have choices. First celebrated in 1982 and promoted now primarily by the American Library Association, Banned Books Week (September 24-30) highlights the year’s ten most challenged works—that is, the ones …

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Gabriel García Márquez was also a great screenwriter

click to enlarge On Saturday and Wednesday the Gene Siskel Film Center is presenting a new restoration of Time to Die, a 1965 Mexican western scripted by not one, but two celebrated novelists, Gabriel García Márquez and Carlos Fuentes. Both men enjoyed long side careers in cinema (they …

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