10 Times Science Made No Sense On The Series

rick and morty remakes the sci-fi genre into something completely different. The combination of absurd nihilism and family relations alternates between stupidity and sincerity. These themes are so homogeneous that it is almost impossible to tell them apart.

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In agreement with rick and morty, many of the scientific concepts introduced in each episode are nothing short of absurd exaggerations. Science and science fiction are widely parodied in Rick and Morty. The plot tends to focus more on its human elements than anything else. Still, the creators push the envelope a bit beyond audiences’ ability to suspend disbelief.

ten The overly convoluted layers of self-aware decoys

Rick and Morty Decoy

Mortiplicity is a real return to form for rick and morty. Mortiplicity essentially tells viewers that any attempt to analyze the show would be an exercise in madness. The real Rick Sanchez creates decoy families to protect the Smiths from danger on a galactic level.

Unfortunately, the decoys react to their existence by creating more decoys, until the entire world is filled with warring Sanchez-Smith factions murdering every other version they can find. While it’s scientifically possible for clones to create clones of themselves, the outcome is unlikely to be that complicated.

9 The Curse Purge Plus! Mixes magic with science

Rick and Mr. Lucius Needful

In Something ricked this way comes, Rick is mainly upset about two things. First, the presence of Satan in his neighborhood. Second, the fact that Summer takes the devil’s side against her grandfather.

Rick decides to destroy Mr. Lucius’ business by inventing the Curse Purge Plus!, a counter-business that aims to “decurse” every item purchased from Needful Things. Magic and science don’t mix very well (if at all), so it seems incredible that Rick’s genius is useful in this situation.

8 Mortys’ shield is scientifically flawed

Shield of Morty in Rick and Morty

Rick tells Morty that their relationship is based on camouflage, that “when a Rick is with a Morty, the waves of genie are canceled out by the waves of Morty”. Her grandson is understandably embarrassed by the revelation that he is nothing more than a “cloaking device”.

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The concept works as advertised as Evil Morty masks his presence from the Citadel by constructing a constantly tortured “matrix of Mortys”. This idea may be explored in future seasons, but that doesn’t mean it’s scientifically sound.

seven Potion of Genetic Horrors Leaves a World in Ruins

Morty wants Jessica to love him, so he uses reverse psychology to get a “love potion” from his grandfather. Rick carelessly forgets to relate the risks associated with the chemical, particularly regarding its interaction with the flu virus. This results in the whole town falling in love with Morty.

Rick makes the situation worse by trying to correct his mistakes, until everyone is turned into horribly mutilated, slime-secreting monsters known as Cronenbergs. Genetic engineering is capable of extraordinary achievements – nothing like it, however.

6 Canine Cognitive Amplifier is Battery Operated

Rick and Morty - Snowball

Jerry asks Rick to invent a device to make Snuffles smarter, saying Morty is punished otherwise. The so-called canine cognition enhancer makes the dog smarter, allowing it to perform basic tasks like going to the bathroom (and flushing the toilet).

Unfortunately, Snuffles discovers how to magnify his intellect far beyond human comprehension by adding three extra AAA batteries to the machine. It is inconceivable that any cognitive amplifier would operate at such a low voltage.

5 The Pickle Rick concept is fatally flawed

Pickle Rick is a spectacular addition to the rick and morty universe. This addition highlights his courage and verve as he gradually battles cockroaches, rats, and Russian agents in order to reach his daughter, Beth.

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The problem is that the human-pickle conversion is not an exact science. Some might even call it nonsense. The story becomes less believable given how precisely Rick transforms insect and rodent body parts into functional limbs for his own pickle, all in the span of minutes.

4 The Microverse battery is terribly inefficient


The Microverse Battery is a power source that exists solely to charge Rick’s space cruiser. rick and morty shows several examples of energy production, such as concentrated dark matter. Rick would rather fool an entire civilization than resort to inorganic batteries.

The living entities of the Microverse adore and revere Rick, a man who steals their electricity without scruple. Flaunting your innovative genius is one thing, but it should at least make sense.

3 The construction of the beggar finished central curve

The Finished Central Curve is a gargantuan project that requires years of calculations and technological know-how. The model for this concept, as Evil Morty explains, is based on Rick’s childish desire to be the smartest living thing.

However, the very idea that a fixed subset of universes could be quarantined from the rest of the multiverse is incredible. That being said, the Finite Central Curve can theoretically be developed by extraterrestrial creatures infinitely more advanced than humans.

2 Anatomy Park’s premise is irrational on every level

Anatomy Park at Rick and Morty

The premise of Anatomy Park is patently irrational. Reducing humans to cellular sizes (without killing them instantly) is contrary to scientific logic. Traveling through the human body, with or without a protective suit, is equally absurd. Reuben’s internal physiology is described with minimal precision.

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The weirdest elements in Anatomy Park are the pathogens that attack Morty, Poncho, Annie, and Xenon Bloom. E. coli bacteria are described as bacteriophage viruses, while Hep. A and Hep. C viruses are brightly colored demon-monsters.

1 Whatever the Plumbus is/does

Rick and Morty - Plumbus

The Plumbus is a common gag in Rick and Morty. The Plumbus is a rose-hued object that is meant to be an invaluable addition to every home. It is used in private living spaces, offices, garages, factories and several other spheres of society.

Sure, rick and morty refuses to reveal what the Plumbus is, let alone what its functions are. The public can see the manufacturing process in Interdimensional Cable 2: Temptation of Fate, and eventually learn that it can be used to generate heat, clean surfaces, and receive audio signals. The “how” doesn’t matter.

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