10 Hidden Details Only For Diehard Fans

There’s nothing subtle about Season 3 of Barry, especially considering the implosion of NoHo Hank and Cristobal (“NoHobal”) and the disbandment of Sally and Barry, but that doesn’t mean eagle-eyed fans haven’t been happy about the hidden details that continue to unfold. fill each frame. The series has regularly seemed to revel in fan expectations, whether it’s focusing on the characters in the foreground at the same time as something important is happening in the background or multiple characters talking to each other in Robert Altman-style frenzies, leaving vital information for the inevitable rewatch.


Whether it’s props, clever dialogue, or striking callbacks, barry is packed with hidden gems that make for a nuanced, multi-layered dark comedy series. It’s very accessible for new fans, but die-hard fans will appreciate the intricacy and care put into each episode of the HBO hit.

Barry’s Broken Controller

Barry (Bill Hader) plays video games in HBO's Barry

When Barry moves in with Nick and Jermaine in Season 2, there are several scenes where the two roommates are playing video games, and one of them is clearly having trouble with his controller. By season 3, Barry leaves behind his acting class friends to move in with Sally, but seems to have inherited the buggy controller.

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This becomes a focal point after Barry blows up on Sally and she instinctively buys him a new controller, hoping to appease him. The faulty controller becomes a metaphor of sorts for Barry being unable to control his emotions. Eventually, he can’t control Sally’s response either.

Barry’s Grocery Fantasies

Barry and Sally in Barry's Grocery Fantasy on HBO Barry

In Season 1, Barry has several fantasies about what life would be like if he were in a relationship with Sally; from barbecues at home to talking with famous actors over hot dogs, to walking down a grocery aisle with nothing but “soup”, they’re wholesome and slightly disconnected, much like the way which Barry introduces himself in the first season.

By Season 3, Barry got loose, trying to win Sally back (and get her fantasies back) any way he could. When he goes to the grocery store to buy art supplies, fans will notice he’s in the aisle adjacent to the “soup” aisle. It’s not only a nice callback to his naive fantasies from Season 1, but shows how he slowly walks away from whatever he wants.

Yoshinoya Beef Bowl (and other Stefan from SNL references)

NoHo Hank is responsible for some of the funniest quotes on barryand two of them manage to reference Stefan, a character Bill Hader made famous during his time on Saturday Night Live. They’re a nice homage to the early work that made Hader such a beloved comedian, and no doubt paved the way for projects like Barry.

The first reference occurs when Hank mentions he’s in the mood for a “bowl of Yoshinoya beef,” featured in a Stefan sketch with John Mulaney, and the second when he’s on the couch with Cristobal and says, ” Yes, yes, yes, yes”, one of Stefan’s slogans.

Barry eats dessert in the first two minutes of Season 3

Barry (Bill Hader) eating a donut on HBO Barry

Some fans might have found it curious that Season 3 opened with Barry absentmindedly munching on a sprinkled donut, especially since he’s right in the middle of a hit. But as with everything in Barry, there is a reason for this little irreverence.

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During Sally’s meeting with BanShee officials, she learns that “if viewers see someone eating dessert within the first two minutes of the episode, they almost always end the whole season”. Barry eating his dessert in the first scene of the Season 3 premiere now makes a lot more sense.

Reference Kurosawa

LAPD Press Conference on HBO Barry

During an LAPD briefing, Gene Cousineau calls Detective Moss on live television to congratulate her on solving the case. Throughout their conversation, one of the officers details how the turning Chechens and Bolivians mirror the plot of Yojimbo, one of Akira Kurosawa’s best films ever made.

In classic barry mode, fans will focus on the conversation between Moss and Cousineau, but during a replay, they can hear the officer go into a long, rambling synopsis of Kurosawa’s film for the benefit of the press who asked a simple question.

Akhmal gets shot in the same spot

Akhmal (Turhan Troy Caylak) shot in the shoulder in HBO Barry

One of the reasons why barry continues to be one of the best black comedy shows going is that it manages to make its violence so entertaining. From Barry’s beatings to firefights between rival gangs, there’s an element of fantasy to the chaos, especially if Akhmal is involved.

NoHo’s hapless right-hand man Hank manages to get shot in the left shoulder several times in the series, starting with after he tries to shoot Barry, and more recently after the Bolivian raid on the Chechen greenhouse. It’s one of the many running gags fans are watching, though it’s bad news for Akhmal.

Episode titles

While the episode titles in barry may seem to lack cohesion, seen in the context of their respective seasons, they start to make sense. Season 1 features actual chapters from Gene Cousineau’s Acting Book, giving Barry structure.

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In Season 2, when Barry becomes someone with a new lease on life, those are standard episode titles. By Season 3, when Barry has lost all sense of formality and purpose, the titles are bizarre, random assortments of uncapitalized words.

“That’s Who I Am About Collage” by Thief

At Barry's

Season 3 features a remarkable moment where Barry makes a collage of all the things that represent him as a person, hoping that the attempt at vulnerability and openness will be enough to mend his relationship with Sally. Movie buffs might notice that this looks like another scene featuring a badass doing a collage in Thief.

Talk with The Envelope, Hader revealed some interesting behind the scenes barry factual fans might not be aware of the episode; “I remember that we [Bill Hader and Duffy Boudreau] were in high school watching “Thief” and when James Caan said, “That’s all I care about”, and he pulled out this collage, we started laughing our heads off… So if you look at it, the picture of Willie Nelson in the collage is the same picture of Willie Nelson in the “Thief” collage. »

Tribute to the Road Warrior

Building (JB White) by HBO Barry

Along with its references to Thief and Yojimbo, Hader likes to extract cinematography from films he enjoys if they make sense for the situation. Fans may have noticed that the shot where Batir films the raid on the Chechen greenhouse bears a strong resemblance to that of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. This is part of what gives barry its cinematic quality.

In the same interview for The envelope, Hader says, “I was watching ‘Road Warrior’ and there’s the picture of Mel Gibson where he’s watching the compound raid at the start of the movie and he’s got the big telescope. And I thought ‘Oh, that should be that’. What if it was Batir with his phone looking down and saying to the elders, look what we have here, and you do the whole sequence like that?”

Immersive audio engineering

Barry Berkman (Bill Hader) nervously hiding behind a corner kick in Barry

Fans appreciate the attention to detail in every shot of Barry, but some scenes are enhanced with exceptional audio engineering, a point that is sometimes revealed by accident. This allows for an incredibly immersive experience and puts fans in the middle of the chaotic environment the characters often experience.

Redditor ronnyproxin remarked that after wearing headphones and watching the episode where Akhmal shoots Barry from the rooftop across from Sally’s apartment, “the sound of bullets as Barry faces his laptop goes behind him, from the left earpiece to the right, where they hit the wall. After Barry turned to look at the bullet holes and another bullet was fired, this time with his back to the window and as the viewer was looking at the wall behind Barry, the sound seemed to come from behind the viewer’s head.”

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