November 5, 2020

Renegotiating debts with interest cuts

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Financial assets that he decided to invest

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As journalistic materials, videos, opinions of economists and / or consultants, contents produced for discussion, among other information and / or data available from two electronic systems of Genial only information. These were contents are prepared according to the context and conjuncture of the moment of production, and cannot be considered as recommendations or offers of qualification nature. Some funds presented to us by Electronics from Genial systems can use derivative strategies as an integral part of the investment policy.

Result in significant patrimonial losses for the contributors

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And may even result in losses exceeding the capital applied to the consequent obligation to contribute additional resources to collect or prejudice the fund. Some funds presented to us by Genial da Genial systems can allocate part of two resources for funds that are maintained, not only by finance, non-foreign negotiated assets, but also to be applied in non-foreign financial assets, as provided in Instruction CVM 555, dated 17 December 2014 and its subsequent alterations. A profitability obtained not passed does not represent a guarantee of future profitability. Investment funds are not guaranteed by the administrator of the fund, the manager of the bank, of the insurance mechanism, or the Credit Guarantee Fund / FGC. Genial is an institution authorized to operate hair Crown Bank.

Comparisons between profitability and economic indicators are available in this site

money debt

It is a mere economic reference and not necessarily a goal or performance parameter of two funds. The funds have their own and different data from each other in terms of conversations, requests for rescues and repayments, according to their respective regulations and prospectuses. The maximum administrative taxes charged are funds based on applications that are available in other investment funds. There is no guarantee that you will find tax treatment for long-term funds, when applying. The products and services mentioned here may not be available in all jurisdictions or for certain categories of investors.

To Genial, the autonomous agents of investment or other related distributors, in the capacity of distributors of mobile securities, may receive remuneration in the case of applications made by customers. This remuneration can be differentiated in the function of the product that receives application. At the pricing of fixed income renivos, which integrates the position of the client, reflects or value of the asset according to the medium of the date of the secondary market in D-2, disclosed by CETIP and SELIC. * As Home Broker operations and other activities that appear in intermediation of mobile securities will be subject to brokerage fee and / or tariffs inherent in the auction of services.