Need Debt Counseling?

If you are in a situation where there is an eternal struggle to get your finances in the right place, know that you are not alone and there is help to be had!

Debt can have major and catastrophic consequences for both your finances and your private life. Therefore, it is crucial that you get control of your debt. Yes, you can actually become totally debt-free!

In this article, we will, therefore, give you some good advice on where to apply for help and how to get your financial overview back and take control of your debt.

So, join us further and you will see that there are actually several ways to get control of your financial problems. You can even become completely debt-free.

Do I Need Debt Counseling?


When does it make sense to get debt counseling, you ask? Well, if you owe a few thousand dollars, you probably won’t need debt counseling.

Debt counseling is meant for those who have lost track of your personal finances. For example, you may have a large amount of debt or owe more money than you have an overview of. Bottom line, you’ve lost control of what you owe to whom.

Debt counseling can also be a good idea if your finances have become a stress problem, stay awake at night or if you no longer have any kind of structure in your finances.

Recognize that you need help with your debt problems

Recognize that you need help with your debt problems

There may be many reasons why you need debt counseling. It can be the result of overuse, illness, addiction, forced sales, divorce, etc. The list is long. If you recognize one or more of the points below, this may indicate that you need debt counseling.

  • You have a hard time getting an overview of your finances, and you don’t know how to regain control
  • Finance takes a lot of time in your everyday life and in your mind. Money has become a stress factor that affects your life situation and your happiness
  • You do not know how to afford to pay your bills. You may not have a record and have a pile of bills waiting to be paid
  • You need to structure your finances and you must learn to take responsibility for your private finances

Where do I start?


The first four things you should do yourself are:

  1. Contact those who owe you money as soon as possible
  2. Tighten your consumption
  3. Contact NAV
  4. Check opportunities for public debt settlement

Where can you get help?


There are several ways you can get debt counseling. You can get advice from your bank, but you can also seek help from an independent advisor. The benefit of seeking help from an independent debt counselor is that they do not have a product – such as a consumer loan – that it will sell to you, such as the bank.

Does your debt weigh you down and have you lost the big picture? If the answer is yes, fortunately, there is plenty of help you can avail of. It is no secret that debt can have major consequences for one’s opportunities.

For example, if you have too much debt, it will be difficult to borrow money for a new home. It can also mean that you have trouble getting your money stretched at the end of each month.