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Don’t Underestimate, Use Your Credit Card Correctly!Don’t Underestimate, Use Your Credit Card Correctly!

Credit cards are no longer a rarity now, for those of you who don’t like to carry cash, credit cards are a fairly practical method of payment compared to debit. Besides being practical sometimes there are many advantages to using a credit card, for example, usually certain shops or restaurants work together with banks to […]

Requirements that must be fulfilled when submitting subsidized housing creditRequirements that must be fulfilled when submitting subsidized housing credit

Personal housing is one of the primary needs that cannot always be realized by everyone. In fact, a few years ago Low-Income Communities (MBR) still found it difficult to have decent private housing. Most MBR usually choose a house contract or live together with other family members. Since the beginning of 2015, the Director General […]

Special Needs Loan for RetireesSpecial Needs Loan for Retirees

The possibility of taking out loans with low-interest rates to retire after an agreement with one of Turkey’s best-known public institutions have made with various private banks Good Credit recognizes institutions. Bank institutions that provide general-purpose loans to retirees in Good Credit consist of six different institutions, but there are different interest rates and different […]