How Important Foreplay Is Before Having Sex

Some people argue that spontaneous sexual encounters are the best. While that may be true, foreplay is also necessary. Foreplay brings out the most exciting parts of the lovemaking experience. Although foreplay may seem to matter more to women, men can also benefit from this act. Whether you are having sex with an escort or your spouse, here are some reasons why you should indulge her in foreplay before having sex.

  1. It helps maintain intimacy

Intimacy extends beyond sex. Foreplay is an excellent way to explore each other, and it, therefore, helps maintain the level of intimacy both physical and emotional. By doing so, it can improve your relationship not only inside the bedroom but also outside it.

  1. It helps stimulate arousal

Great sex is when both the partners are fully aroused. For men, it is easy to erect, they can just think about sex and get aroused. But for women, the thought of wanting sex is not enough. They need to be kissed, hugged and caressed to create lubrication around the vagina. Foreplay prepares the body and the mind of a woman for sex.

  1. It leads to longer sex and better orgasms

Orgasms are more pleasurable when there has been a buildup of sexual arousal and desire before the actual act of sex. When you go straight to the act with your escort or your spouse, they might orgasm, but it won’t be as great as compared to if the sex had started with let’s say oral sex or cuddling. Plus, sex with foreplay is longer than sex alone.

  1. It maintains the connection

Foreplay is essential for spouses in long term relationships. Because over time, life tends to be busy with work and the kids which may take up all the time to maintain that connection with your partner. However, by practicing foreplay, it ensures that that connection that was first established when you met, is maintained throughout.

  1. It instills the feeling of security

If you are having sex with an escort or a new partner, it is essential that you make them feel secure. This way, they will be calm and give it their best. Foreplay is one way to make someone feel less vulnerable and hence will be more open to the act.

Foreplay is essential for creating the right mood for great sex. It is crucial that men be open to it. Since there is no set formula on how to do it and how long it should last, you just need to learn about what your partner likes or dislikes, and you can last as long as both of you are fully aroused.

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